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Hi! I’m Lola and I’m here to tell you that Pet Pals is the best! Anne is my mommy and the owner of Pet Pals. She takes me for walks, gives me treats, cuddles with me and always tells me how beautiful I am. I have to admit, I am a true diva and I just can’t get enough of the beautiful talk. I love my mommy very much and she loves me too. She takes great care of me and I know she will take great care of your little pal too!


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  • Pet Pals is a professional pet sitting service that will come to your home and care for your furry, feathered or finned pals in your absence.
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  • Vacation? Business travel? Long work days? No need to worry! You can rest assured knowing that the loving care of your pets and the security of your home is our top priority.


  • Why choose Pet Pals? Because we love animals. We treat your family pets as if they were our own. Let’s face it, nothing can replace “Mom and Dad”, but we are the next best thing. Let us be your pets’ best pal.
From Our Customers

Thank you Anne for the wonderful care you provide daily for our dog, Winston. Stan and I both work and with Winston getting older, he is unable to go all day without being let out for a potty break. He loves his afternoon walks and the time he spends with you. You are a special person and a true friend to all of us. Thanks for everything Anne.
Tammy & Stan, Chesapeake

Pet of the Month
  • Nilla photo

    Age – 7 yrs Likes – long walks…I’d rather jog but my brother Sam can’t keep up:), jumping, playing with my toys, talking…well Ms. Anne calls it singing…I talk/sing to her on the days she comes to see me, cuddle time with Mom, when Dad returns from business trips, treats…my brother Sam loves treats even more then me so I let him have mine sometimes,  last but not least I really like Sam…my partner in crime;) Dislikes – Mom leaving [...]